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Steam Trap Surveys

Leaking steam traps can result in escalated energy costs. Generally speaking, a systems steam trapping overhaul cost can be reclaimed within one year of trap replacement or repair.

Upon request, a qualified Steam Specialty Sales representative will visit your facility to run your entire buildings steam traps through an ultra-sonic test for leakage.

Design and Engineering

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Steam Specialty Sales can offer assistance with new system design and assist in project engineering.

Steam System Audits

Steam and Thermal are able to offer you level 1 and full audits for steam, condensate, compressed air and water/hydronics conducted by CEM qualified professionals.

The level 1 audit scopes out the plant, captures data from existing devices and clamps on instruments.

The audit will include a current situational analysis of boiler efficiency, water treatment and feedwater conditioning steam quality and distribution and condensate return.

Incentives are available for such audits and studies.



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